Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Feminist Press

Just received, a press release announcing the debut of Femspec Books:

Femspec Books Publishes The Nightmares of Sasha Weitzwoman

The Nightmares of Sasha Weitzwoman
(Femspec Books, 2010) pp. 583, $35 (includes s+h)

Cleveland Heights, OH, September 20, 2010.  Femspec is announcing the first book published by our new publishing imprint, Femspec Books.  The book titled The Nightmares of Sasha Weitzwoman, was written by Batya Weinbaum.  She began writing during the women’s liberation movement, mainly focusing on Jewish themes in her fiction. Much of her work has been published in anthologies, such as “Bapka in Brooklyn” in Magic Realism by Women: Tales in a Minor Key, edited by Susana Sturgis. 

The lengthy 583 page novel The Nightmares of Sasha Weitzwoman, was written over an 18 year period and has been excerpted and anthologized in a few venues, including journals such as Bridges and Sinister Wisdom.  This imaginative creation is about a female American journalist who goes to Jerusalem “to cover the first Intifada,” only to end up trapped in a haunted hotel. The book interestingly grips the reader by presenting a controversial feminist version of the Jewish faith and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, written in the genres of surrealism and fantasy.  Many would enjoy this book, however those who will truly appreciate it will be creative writers and those who show interest in topics such as sexuality, war, the Middle East, Jewish and Women’s Studies, and feminist science fiction. 

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Nisi said...

They seriously need a copywriter.

Ann said...

I am a bit worried by what might be perceived as a blurring of the line between "I wrote this" and "I reviewed this" on one page of the website. Granted, as Nisi points out, the entire website needs a good, thorough editing; perhaps what I see as confusing/blurring is just poor copyediting? If I may say this gently, the lack of copyediting on the website does not engender confidence in the future products of this press.

Anonymous said...
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