Saturday, April 10, 2010

Check It Out

Over at the Lambda Literary site, poet Marilyn Hacker singles out five poets who've been important to her. She begins:
It is hard to restrict myself to only five poets who changed my way of looking at the world, and at language and its possibilities. Given the venue, I’ll limit myself to LGBT poets, which at least helps in making the selection, by no means implying that only the work of LGBT poets has so affected me.
In which we see that a restriction, in such a case, rather than imposing hardship, can, yes, be helpful.

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Therem said...

Thank you for this link. I was surprised to see the name of Agha Shahid Ali. He was a visiting professor at my college one year, and I happened to take a class on "Contemporary American Fiction" from him. He was a thoroughly charming person! Now I know I ought to read some of his poetry.