Monday, August 3, 2009

Reviews by and about Aqueductistas

Reviews, reviews, get yer reviews here!

--Nisi Shawl reviews Margaret Atwood's latest sf novel, for Ms Magazine, here.

--L. Timmel Duchamp reviews On Joanna Russ, ed. Farah Mendlesohn, for Strange Horizons here.

--and Gayle Surrette reviews Cheek by Jowl at SF Revu here.


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Josh said...

Your and Nisi's reviews are wonderful, albeit in very different ways; but how old is the SFRevu critic? Eight? I'm hoping that it was just a rushed job rather than a piece representative of the reviewer's ability: we all know what it's like to be under pressure to meet a review deadline while struggling to keep our jobs in these parlous times. No shame on the reviewer for that, but I'd like to see more substantial writing about Le Guin's wonderful little book.