Monday, February 23, 2009

Sign Up Now for WisCon 33 Programming

WisCon 33's Programming Co-chairs, Joanna Lowenstein and Cat Hanna, write:

WisCon's programming signup is now available at! We need panelists. We need moderators. If you've never been a participant before, don't be shy. We welcome you! Jump right in. You'll also be able to sign up for readings, and to host a party.

Note that the signup process has changed dramatically from last year. As part of the database project, it's all brand-spanking new. We hope that the new process will make it even easier for you to participate. There are three basic steps involved in signing up to participate in programming: Setting up your account, defining your personal information, and signing up for programs/telling us about your availability.

A tutorial page will be available soon on the new signup page; you can also contact for technical support (though since we're all volunteers, it might take a day to get back to you). Look for the "My Account" link in the left sidebar to see your options.

Participant signup will close on March 13, 2009. That's Friday the 13th.

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