Monday, January 5, 2009

Aqueductista News

Over at The Fix, Val Grimm reviews the latest volumes in Aqueduct's Conversation Pieces series-- My Death: A Novella by Lisa Tuttle; and De Secretis Mulierum: A Novella by L. Timmel Duchamp. It's a long, thoughtful review.

Over at the UK feminist site the f word, Jess McCabe reviews Vandana Singh's collection, The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet, just out from Zubaan Books. You can check it out here.

The Preliminary Ballot for the Nebula Awards has been announced, and I see that two Aqueduct authors have entries: In the novella category, Kelley Eskridge's "Dangerous Space" (which appears in her collection, Dangerous Space, from Aqueduct); and Gwyneth Jones's "The Tomb Wife" (which Aqueduct will be reprinting in a new Conversation Pieces volume to be titled The Buonarotti Quartet, due out this spring). Congratulations, Kelley and Gwyneth. The full ballot is available here.

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