Friday, April 4, 2008

The Beauty of Dichroic Glass

I’d like to introduce readers of this blog (and the universe at large) to the fantastic glass art of my friend Michele Gutlove.

Michele works with dichroic glass, which utilizes the phenomenon of thin film interference to create shifting, iridescent colors, in a manner similar to colors on soap bubbles, or oil spills on the road on a rainy day. Glass itself is no ordinary substance, despite its ubiquity. It is solid, but shares some properties of certain special (supercooled) liquids. To Michele glass is a fluid in slow motion. Inspired by nature, her glass art captures motion, or the illusion of motion, in a manner that brings out this fluid aspect. Add to it the special properties of dichroic glass, in which the reflected rays and transmitted rays are complementary to each other, and her work becomes magical. View it at:

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