Friday, June 1, 2007

The revolution in Oaxaca---a reading list

I've had several requests for more information on the revolution in Oaxaca, which I mentioned during the "Romance of the Revolution" panel at WisCon, so I've compiled a short reading list. (More materials can be found via Google News, of course.) The photos were taken last summer by Tom LaFarge and are displayed here with his kind permission.

Mitchell Verter, “Barbarous Oaxaca: Indigenous Rights Groups Meet the ‘Law of the Club’”

John Ross, “There’s A Riot Going on: Mexico on the Brink”

Clifton Ross, “The New Revoltion in Southern Mexico: Up From Below in Oaxaca

John Ross, “Endgame Engulfs Mexico: Towards Armageddo and After”

George Salzman, “The Revolutionary Surge in Oaxaca: From Teachers’ Strike Towards Dual Power”

Laura Carlsen, “Building a Future in Mixteca: Voices from the Oaxacan Countryside”

John Ross, “Upheaval from the Bottom: Class and Race Are Driving the Crisis in Mexico, Not Political Parties”

Subcommandante Marcos, “Freedom to the Detained; Punishment for the Assassins: A Communique from the EZLN on Oaxaca”

Ron Jacobs, “Hell Is Rising in Oaxaca: An Interview with a Oaxacan Rebel”

Carl Genderloos, “Cheerleading the Massacre in Oaxaca: An Open Letter to the Washington Post”

Luis Hernandez Navarro, “Repression and Resistance in Oaxaca: Lessons from the Teachers”

Barucha Clamaity Peller, “Oaxaca at Any Cost: Beyond the Barricades”

Rochelle Gause, “Dispatch from Oaxaca: Where Murderers Still Stalk the Streets, Protected by the Police”

“Acclaimed Muralist Among Oaxaca’s Disappeared: The Arrest of Gerardo Bonilla”

Barucha Clamaity Peller, “The Dirty War of Oaxaca: Amongst Flames of Resistance, Came Death, Torture and a Movement Forced into Hiding”

John Ross, “Repression on the Menu in Mexico: Calderon Installed by Media and Miitary”

Bernardo Diaz, “An Urgent Message on the Disappeared of Oaxaca: From One of the Actors in Apocalypto”

John Ross, “Flashlights in the Tunnel of Hate: Another Year is Possible!”

Hiliaria Cruz, “I’m Going to Stay Right Here: The Story of a Oaxacan Movement Prisoner”

John Ross, “A Year of Unprecedented Turmoil: Gateway to the Next Mexican Revolution?”

Kathy Rentenbach, “Report from Oaxaca: Will There be ‘Huesos?’”

John Ross, “Vibrant as the Paint on the Walls: Oaxaca’s Rising”

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