Saturday, April 28, 2007


Welcome to Ambling along the Aqueduct. Now that Aqueduct Press has reached the ripe age of three years old (and I wonder: who can tell me what small-press years are in human years?), we at Aqueduct have decided it’s time for us to have our own blog. So here it is.

Ideally, I’d like Ambling along the Aqueduct to be a forum for discussing all things Aqueductian. Conversation, of course, has been a theme with us at Aqueduct almost from the beginning, derived from the notion of feminist sf as a conversation, which I earlier explored in “For a Genealogy of Feminist SF: Reflections on Women, Feminism, and Science Fiction , 1818-1960” (reprinted in The Grand Conversation, Vol. 1 of the Conversation Pieces series and available online at my website). I hope to entice other to join me, so that the discussion here won’t simply be me posting announcements about Aqueduct’s books and authors and offering up my thoughts on various subjects. Please, if you are interested in making a guest post here, write to

If you’re wondering what “all things Aqueductian” could possibly be, well, to be honest, it’s anything that interests me. Although I’d be thrilled to have Aqueduct become an independent institution, for the moment, anyway, Aqueduct c’est moithough with lots of help from other people. This is less a desire to be autocratic à la the Sun King on an absurdly minute scale than it is a practical strategy. Part of Aqueduct’s raison d’être is to create a space that wasn’t there, a space inviting other writers in to play. So, too, with this blog. Given the range of the work Aqueduct has been publishing, the elasticity of the adjective should, I hope, be obvious.

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