Friday, April 23, 2010


Mary Daly, "Mog Decarnin", Wilma Mankiller, Lucille Clifton, June Havoc, Kage Baker, Dorothy Height, Liz Carpenter, Granny D, Patricia Leonard, Sylvia Pressler, Jean Simmons, and Betty Wilson, the Australian cricket pioneer.

It seemed to me that our blog had only commemorated the deaths of men in 2010, and that had to change. Also we missed Louis Auchincloss, who has a claim to being an important anti-misogynist voice in the realm of letters.


Timmi Duchamp said...

Thanks, Josh.

Josh said...

Ya welcome.

Of course, Zinn and Belton were feminist allies too. Klass and Salinger not as much, AFAIK, even though there're some interesting heroines in their stories.