Friday, November 11, 2011


Pan Morigan and I have been on the road since January, 2011 promoting my novel, Redwood and Wildfire, and her album, Wild Blue. We've met great people everywhere. The 99% are working hard. We are appreciating all the Good News!

We enjoyed going to vote on Tuesday and electing a progressive Mayor in Northampton. We were thrilled to hear that voters elected a 22-year-old, progressive, gay mayor in Holyoke, MA, rejected personhood at inception, and re-elected mayors (highly) supportive of the arts in Philadelphia, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Charlotte, Baltimore, Carmel, IN, and Charleston, SC.

The Senate voted down the resolution that would have shuttered the open Internet.

The U.S. State Department will delay making a final decision on the tar sands Keystone XL pipeline pending a new environmental review.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Respect for Marriage Act.


In a guest Blog, I shout out praises to Aqueduct and Aqueductistas at The Rejectionist. I end that Blog with: Here’s to the 99% writing the future.


pan morigan said...

The wander through America with Andrea to perform her glorious book, Redwood and Wildfire, (and songs of mine from Wild Blue,) was uplifting everywhere and in all places. Even in those locales where, presumably, we'd find folk disagreeing with the very notion of our existence, we discovered open minded joy and great generosity of spirit. Inspiration and hope and love was flowing all over the place.... Which means to me, read less news. Connect with humans more. Good. ( Redwood and Wildfire, my people, you will be swept away to experience new worlds and mind altering thought experiments!)

Sheree Renee Thomas said...

Andrea can write about any experience and make it memorable and thoughtful. I loved reading this, almost as nice as being in her presence. Andrea, I'm so glad you're getting love from the homefront as well as abroad. Wishing you more starlight in your creative sky! And thanks on the skillful tips on how to exit awkward book chatter graciously ;-)