Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taxonomy of a Wiscon Photo Album III

Photos of Liz Henry in Four Different Moods:

Photos of Two Attendees Dressing for Their First-Ever Panel Appearances:

Photo of the Authors of Writing the Other:

Photo 3: with Tom Duchamp and, I believe, Kath Wilham's legs. Photo 4: with L. Timmel Duchamp, Tom, and Kath's feet. Photo 5: Josh Lukin. Photo 6: Ann Keefer. Photo 7: Nisi Shawl and Cindy Ward. In an attempt to comply with post-2008 WisCon rules, all photos were taken with subjects' knowledge that they were being photographed and by whom, and, whenever possible, explicit consent; just lemme know if you are in one and want it taken down.

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