Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aqueductista News

--Vandana Singh has joined the ranks of Strange Horizons columnists. She is debuting this week with Diffractions: Soil, Water, and Pure Air.

--Alan DeNiro writes about Kristin Livdahl's A Brood of Foxes on his blog, and Gwenda Bond affirms his opinion on her blog:
One of the best things I've read lately is Kristin Livdahl's novella from Aqueduct Press's Conversation Pieces series, A Brood of Foxes. Her husband Alan may be biased, but I agree with everything he has to say in his post about it: "There are a lot of gestures in the fantasy field lately toward having an imaginary world mimic contemporary concerns–but in A Brood of Foxes, the shape of the narrative changes to reflect the very human cost of these concerns. There are no quick fixes or any lame “journey of the hero(ine)” knock-offs while paying lip service to some kind of transgressive ideal. No boss battles!" It is gorgeous and strange and lives up to the series' title.
-- Fred Cleaver reviews 80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin for the Denver Post. He concludes:
Some of the tributes provide insights into the great writers paying tribute, such as Kim Stanley Robinson and Nancy Kress. It's a book of personal messages for someone I only know through her writing, but it's a joy to read these tributes from those who also know her as a friend and teacher.

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