Monday, June 1, 2009

Centuries Ago and Very Fast reviewed in Locus

Centuries Ago and Very Fast gets some love from Faren Miller in her review in the June issue of Locus:

In Centuries Ago and Very Fast, Rebecca Ore pulls off an audacious experiment: using the raw language and deliberate focus on sexual encounters of "slash" fiction to relate a series of linked episodes and moments of reflection from the stupendously long life of a gay male, from his earliest days as a mammoth-hunting caveman to around the present.

Her review concludes:

...both Vel and Thomas (the latest modern lover who occasionally takes over the narration) compeltely won me over with their matter-of-fact acceptance of both their sexuality and the vagaries of time in a life where "history" is always directly lived and chronology doesn't govern the learning experience. These characters may be nothing like the standard concept of Everyman, with their enthusiastic coupling and all the procedures, rituals and bodily fluids it involves, but they have plenty of interesting things to say about what it means to human.


Josh said...

Mazel tov, Rebecca! Wow.

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