Monday, September 10, 2007

A Handful of Reviews

Here are a few reviews to check out:

*Mark Tiedemann reviews Kelley Eskridge’s Dangerous Space.

“Yeah, Kelley is rough, but not in the sense of unpolished. She writes some of the most seductive prose I've ever seen. It's impossible not to think of sexual similes—you read her and you think, "Wow, very sexy, this'll be nice, a very fine one night stand" and you wake up the next morning in love. Or at least unwilling to stay away. I choose the comparison intentionally, because the title story is about sex. About music. About the psyche you find in the mix, where music touches that which is most intimate, and the only other thing that comes even close to such an affect is sex, the best sex, the sex that teaches.”

*Collen Mondor reviews Dangerous Space for Bookslut.

"In her new collection, Dangerous Space, science fiction novelist Kelley Eskridge pushes the boundaries of the status quo. She has put together a series of stories that make readers ponder issues of gender, sexuality, and the nature of free choice."

*Sean Melican reviews the third novel of my Marq'ssan Cycle, Tsunami, for Ideomancer.

“[Duchamp] invents an entire socio-political system and then systematically deconstructs the very nature of human social systems.

*I review Logorrhea (ed. John Klima) for Strange Horizons.

*And I also review Kaaron Warren’s The Grinding House in the August 2007 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction (off-line).

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