Monday, May 14, 2007

The WisCon Chronicles

The Advanced Reading Copies for The WisCon Chronicles: Vol. 1 have just arrived here from the printer. We won't be officially releasing this book until August, but Aqueduct will be selling copies of it in the Dealers Room at WisCon and, in June, on Aqueduct's site.

The format is 7x10-inches, and it has 196 pages. Here’s the Table of Contents:

WisCon Chronicles: Volume 1

Edited by L. Timmel Duchamp

Introduction by L. Timmel Duchamp

“The WisCon Questions: A Coven of People Who Attended WisCon 30 Answer Random Personal Questions Posed by Eileen Gunn” (interspersed throughout)

Q&A--Julie Philips

“Wonder Woman: Lesbian or Dyke? Paradise Island as a Woman’s Community” by Trina Robbins

Q&A—Suzy Charnas

“Welcome Back to the Beginning” by Rachel Swirsky

“Feminist Think Tanks”panel transcript notes by Liz Henry

“A Think Tank Thing for Feminists” by Rosaleen Love

Q&A: Carol Emshwiller

Q&A Mark Rich

Q&A Ellen Klages

“Lord of the Monsters” by Andrea Hairston

Q&A Ted Chiang

Q&A Ursula K. Le Guin

Q&A Liz Henry

“The Feminist Romance Panel: Notes” by Micole Sudberg

“Is Reading Feminist SF a Theory-Building Activity?”panel transcript notes by Laura Quilter

Q&A Lisa Tuttle

“Piercy’s Gendered Cyborgs: Hope, Threats, and Blurred Boundaries” by Linda Wight

Q&A Diantha Day Sprouse

“Uncomfortable Politics in Feminist Writing”panel transcript notes by Laura Quilter

“The Cultural Appropriation Panel: Notes” by Yoon Ha Lee

“Researching WisCon Stories: Revisionist History or Re-visioning the Past with the Future in Mind” by Joan Haran

Q&A K. Tempest Bradford

Q&A Spike Parsons

“Who Wants a Revolution? Will a Reform Do?”panel transcript notes by Liz Henry

“We Aren’t Civilized Yet: Reflections from the WisCon 30 Panel on Women Warriors” by Nancy Jane Moore

“‘A Man Is Like A Nut’: Gender and Magic in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Later Earthsea Novels” by Sylvia Kelso

The Legendary Joanna Russ Interviewed by Samuel R. Delany

Q&A Jeanne Gomoll

“A 40 Year-old Con-virgin Goes to WisCon” by Stephen Gold

“Sympathy and Power: L. Timmel Duchamp Asks Samuel R. Delany a Question”

“Dry Eyes” by Nisi Shawl

“No Man’s Land,” an original story by Rosaleen Love


Josh said...

Yay, and furthermore, yippee!

I wish to repeat something a colleague said to me a year and a half ago: how brave of you to ask Samuel Delany a question! Anyone who's read interviews with him knows that he'll spend 600 words taking a sledgehammer to your ego before addressing the question directly ("First of all, your perception is wrong, and derives from a set of assumptions that, with the best will in the world, I can only characterize as lunatic.")

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This book looks absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to read it. The contents and contributors are terrific. Marleen S. Barr