E-books from Aqueduct Press

Our e-books are DRM free and internationally available.
[Please note that this list is out of date. Please go to Aqueduct's site for a fuller list of our e-books.]

Fiction-- Novels and Novellas:

Tomb of the Fathers by Eleanor Arnason, $9.95

Dorothea Dreams by Suzy McKee Charnas, $9.95

The Marq'ssan Cycle by L. Timmel Duchamp:
Book I: Alanya to Alanya, $7.95
Book II: Renegade, $7.95
Book III: Tsunami, $7.95 
Book IV: Blood in the Fruit, $7.95
Book V: Stretto, $7.95

Mindscape by Andrea Hairston, $9.95

Redwood and Wildfire by Andrea Hairston, $9.95

The Aleutian Trilogy by Gwyneth Jones:
 White Queen, $7.95
Northwind, $7.95
Phoenix Café, $7.95

Life by Gwyneth Jones, $9.95

Spirit by Gwyneth Jones, $7.95

In the House of the Seven Librarians by Ellen Klages, $2.99

Time and Robbery by Rebecca Ore $9.95

The Alien Trilogy by Rebecca Ore
Becoming Alien, $7.95
Being Alien, $7.95
Human to Human, $7.95

Gaia's Toys, $7.95

The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid by Rebecca Ore, $7.95

Slow Funeral by Rebecca Ore, $7.95

Necessary Ill by Deb Taber, $9.95

Fiction-- Collections:

Big Mama Stories by Eleanor Arnason, $9.95

It Walks in Beauty by Chandler Davis, $9.95

Love's Body, Dancing in Time by L. Timmel Duchamp, $5.95

Never at Home by L. Timmel Duchamp, $7.95 
Dangerous Space by Kelley Eskridge, $9.95

The Universe of Things by Gwyneth Jones, $9.95

Space Is Just a Starry Night by Tanith Lee, $9.95

Centuries Ago and Very Fast by Rebecca Ore, $9.95

Ancient, Ancient by Kiini Ibura Salaam, $9.95

Squaring the Circle by Gheorghe Sasarman, $7.95

Filter House by Nisi Shawl, $9.95


The Moment of Change:An Anthology of Feminist Speculative Poetry, edited by Rose Lemberg, $9.95


80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin edited by Karen Joy Fowler and Debbie Notkin, $9.95

Imagination/Space by Gwyneth Jones, $9.95

Cheek by Jowl by Ursula K. Le Guin, $12.00

The Secret Feminist Cabal by Helen Merrick, $9.95

Conversation Pieces Series:

The Grand Conversation, Vol 1 by L. Timmel Duchamp, $5.95

With Her Body, Vol 2 by Nicola Griffith, $5.95

The Traveling Tide, Vol. 5 by Rosaleen Love, $5.95

Ordinary People, Vol. 7 by Eleanor Arnason, $5.95

Writing the Other, Vol. 8, by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward, $5/95

The Red Rose Rages (Bleeding), Vol 10 by L. Timmel Duchamp, $5.95

Candle in a Bottle, Vol 13 by Carolyn Ives Gilman, $5.95

Naomi Mitchison: A Profile of Her Life and Work, Vol. 15 by Lesley A. Hall, $5.95

Making Love in Madrid by Kimberly Todd Wade, $5.95

Of Love and Other Monsters, Vol 18 by Vandana Singh, $5.95

Aliens of the Heart, Vol 19 by Carolyn Ives Gilman, $5.95

De Secretis Mulierium, Vol 22 by L. Timmel Duchamp, $5.95

Distances, Vol 23 by Vandana Singh, $5.95

Three Observations and a Dialogue: Round and About Science Fiction, Vol. 24 by Sylvia Kelso, $5.95

Slightly Behind and to the Left, Vol 26 by Claire Light, $5.95

Through the Drowsy Dark, Vol 27 by Rachel Swirsky, $5.95

Shotgun Lullabies, Vol 28 by Sheree Renée Thomas, $5.95

A Brood of Foxes, Vol 29 by Kristin Livdahl, $5.95

The Bone Spindle, Vol. 30 by Anne Sheldon $5.95

The Last Letter, Vol. 31 by Fiona Lehn, $5.95

We Wuz Pushed: Joanna Russ and Radical Truth-Telling Vol. 32 by Brit Mandelo, $5.95

The Receptionist and Other Tales, Vol. 33 by Lesley Wheeler, $5.95

Birds and Birthdays Vol. 34 by Chrstopher Barzak, $5.95

The Queen, the Cambion, and Seven Others Vol. 35 by Richard Bowes, $5.95