Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Back, Belly, and Side: True Lies and False Tales by Celeste Rita Baker

I'm pleased to announce the release of Back, Belly, and Side: True Lies and False Tales, a collection of stories by Celeste Rita Baker, as a volume in Aqueduct Press's Conversation Pieces series.

"Celeste Rita Baker brings us smack down into the islands with her vivid and raw rhythms and use of dialect, and reminds that the Caribbean has long had a strong claim to the magic that makes genre so imaginative."--Tobias Buckell, author of Hurricane Fever and Halo: The Cole Protocol

"Back, Belly & Side is full of Celeste Rita Baker's special story magic. With tales of wisdom, wonderment, and new world lore, she creates characters that speak and leap off the page to deliver the best gift of all--deep belly laughter."
 — Sheree Renée Thomas, Shotgun Lullabies: Stories & Poems

"Celeste Rita Baker's stories balance heartache and hilarity with poetic, uncompromising prose. This collection sings ancient songs with a modern beat. It is fully alive."
 —Daniel Jose Older, author of Salsa Nocturna and editor of Long Hidden from History

"...this collection is worth a read. The characters are beautifully drawn and the situations they find themselves in are, simultaneously, real and far-fetched. Wonderful use of language and explorations of parenthood, reality, and love."
 —Kate O'Connor, Abyss & Apex

You can purchase Back, Belly, and Side from Aqueduct's website in both print and e-book editions. It will soon be available elsewhere.

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