Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rebecca Ore's Slow Funeral now available as an e-book

Aqueduct has released another e-book: Rebecca Ore's Slow Funeral, the fifth of the titles in her back-list that Aqueduct is making available in e-book editions. This one was first published in the mid-1990s, and is dark fantasy, in which magic exists but is entangled with delusion and deception and practicing witches, though more powerful than the magically untalented among them, are, as protagonist Maude Fuller puts it, like cocks equipped with spurs fighting for the pleasure and profit of their owners.

Here's a brief description of the novel:

Bracken County, nestled in the Blue Ridge region of the American South, is like no other place on earth. Behind its facade of small-town Southern life, magic works and corrupts all it touches. Maude Fuller ran away from Bracken County when her parents were killed. She has been running ever since, trying to deny her innate magical talent. Now Maude's grandmother is dying, and Maude is drawn home and succumbs to the temptation to draw Doug, a Berkeley engineer, after her. Once home, she tries to see through the layers and layers of deceptions snaring everyone in Bracken County, including its most powerful witches. Can she resist using her talent and still find a way to save her grannie's soul and Doug's life?

Michael Swanwick blurbed the book:  "Slow Funeral is gritty and clear-eyed, unique and vastly entertaining."

And here are quotes from a couple of reviews:

 "Vivid and intense...It's good to find a book this dark that still make the reader think, as well as feel those usual shivers."

"Ore Portrays a magical world in conflict that is a superb reflection of the world in which we live."
   — Analog

The e-book is available now through Aqueduct's website, and will be available elsewhere (Wizard's Tower, Weightless, Amazon) in a week or so. 

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