Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tiptree Award Book Club

This is up on WisCon's blog:

Join a conversation on Maureen McHugh’s evocative and powerful short story “Useless Things” at the James Tiptree Award website from March 1 to March 31. Moderated by Karen Joy Fowler, this discussion marks the start of the Tiptree Award Book Club, a forum for conversations about the works honored by the Award and the issues they raise. If you are interested in gender issues, the apocalypse, and the intersection of the two, you won’t want to miss this. “Useless Things” can be found in Eclipse 3, edited by Jonathan Strahan, and in the 27th edition of Gardner Dozois’ World’s Best Science Fiction.


I wish I weren't so busy. This sounds as if it'll be fun and interesting. And "Useless Things" is an excellent story.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

I don't have time, either, but I'm signed up anyway. I need to have some good intellectual discussion in my life. Just put the Strahan anthology on hold at the library so I can get ready.