Sunday, August 22, 2010

Inspired by Liz Henry

Liz found a remarkably stupid Chip McGrath Paragraph in the NYT three months ago. I think this month he outdid himself:
On paper, anyway, Ms. Peters is too old for the role . . . But to say that Ms. Peters doesn’t look her age doesn’t begin to describe her seemingly eternal, Betty Boop-like girlishness. Her porcelain skin is untroubled by wrinkles. Her kewpie-doll smile defies gravity. When she turned up for lunch at an upper West Side restaurant recently, her eye-snagging bosom pillowed distractingly from a low-cut dress, and the humidity had injected an extra jolt of abandon into her trademark corkscrew curls. Perhaps her secret is this: Lunch consisted of precisely two glasses of Pellegrino.
Her "eye-snagging" what did who now? Maybe McGrath loses his reason when he thinks of Swedes (Peters is, of course, Italian-American, but is currently in swedeface for a production of A Little Night Music). His perspective is, uh . . . remarkable.

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