Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Update on Book View Cafe

By Nancy Jane Moore

Book View Cafe is moving right along. We've been putting up new fiction every day since we opened, so there's plenty available to read and more being added all the time.

I'm posting a "flash" fiction (short-short story, sudden fiction, etc.) every week on Thursdays. This week's offering is "Thirty-One Rules for Fulfilling Your Destiny," a story that was originally published in my collection, Conscientious Inconsistencies. For those of you who haven't bought a copy of the collection, here's an opportunity to read one of the stories for free and see if you want to buy the book.

Though the story isn't typical of the other stories in the book, since it's an epic tale (fantasy or science fiction, depending on how you read it) told in 31 aphorisms. Some writers have told me they find it inspirational, a number of people have giggled enough for me to figure out that it's funny, and I personally would like to think it's profound, though that's probably just the aphorisms talking.

Of course, if you're an Aqueduct reader, you'll want to get the whole book for the wonderful introduction by Timmi Duchamp!

The Book View Cafe blog is also drawing a lot of readers, most recently to read Vonda N. McIntyre's thoughts on writing Star Trek novels. Twenty plus writers can generate a lot of wildly diverse blog posts, so there's something on the blog for everyone.

Don't neglect your Aqueduct blog reading -- I'm currently awed by Lucy Sussex's essay on the Australian Fires, "Dresden, With Eucalypts" and still thinking about what Cat Rambo had to say in "YACAP."

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