Friday, May 9, 2008

Enter the Filter House

Whether drawing upon the protective power of watermelon vines, the healing power of funk, or the pragmatic power of intelligent women, Nisi Shawl's collection of short fiction sparks the imagination. The tales in Filter House leap forward and backward through time and space, deftly weaving all-too-real topics like resource depletion, colonization, and racism within fantastical worlds of persuadable dragons, fickle gods, and interstellar travel.

Filter House is now available through Aqueduct's site for a special pre-release price of $15. Nisi's stories are preceded by an introduction by Eileen Gunn, who describes it as a collection of "remarkably involving stories that pull you along a path of wonder, word by word, in words where everything is a bit different." It's a beautiful book and has garnered these plaudits so far:

"Sometimes enigmatic, often surprising, always marvelous. This lovely collection will take you, like a magic carpet, to some strange and wonderful places." — Karen Joy Fowler, author of Wit's End and The Jane Austen Book Club

"From the exotic, baroque complexities of 'At the Huts of Ajala' to the stark, folktale purity of 'The Beads of Ku,' these fourteen superbly written stories will weave around you a ring of dark, dark magic." — Ursula K. Le Guin, author of Lavinia and Changing Planes

"A traveling story-bazaar, offering treasures and curios from diverse lands of wonder." — Matt Ruff, author of Set This House In Order and Bad Monkeys

"Nisi Shawl uses the tools of future and fable, usually used to explore the other, the future, and the mysterious, to magically reveal what and who we all are here and today." — Tobias Buckell, author of Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin

You can order it now here.

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