Thursday, June 7, 2007

International Patriarchy Sez:

I'm recovering from a cross-country move. In the meanwhile, I invite you to contemplate this remark, overheard across international boundaries, wherever men seek control and that control is not yet absolute.

International patriarchy sez:

Women's deaths are a useful goad for keeping other women in line.


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Nancy Jane Moore said...

The idea of punishing women for having abortions by ensuring that they are forced into a procedure that can harm them is just a variation on punishing them for having sex by forcing them to give birth. In fact, given that the anti-abortion movement is also the anti-contraception movement, the whole idea is to make sure women are punished for having sex.
What I found most paternalistic about the Supreme Court's latest abortion ruling, though, was the idea that abortion should be outlawed because women will later regret having had one. In other words, the law has to protect women from themselves. Makes me furious. I wrote on this on In This Moment, and also provided links to the opinion. I recommend that everyone read Justice Ginsburg's dissent and be grateful that we have at least one sane woman on the court.